Wednesday, March 6, 2013

4 Steps to Enhance your Resume

Photo By: Olivier Charavel
     When recruiters glance over resumes for open positions, they generally only spend several seconds on each resume.  During those few seconds, they have already developed judgements from your resume.  Unfortunately, the most qualified individuals will be looked over if their resumes are lacking.  In order to make sure your resume is not looked over by recruiters, follow these simple steps.  
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread your resume again!  Proofreading cannot be stressed enough.  Misspelled words, an inconsistent tone, and other grammatical errors will only get your resume thrown into the "no" pile.  Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for the most impressive and best resumes.  Do not let a few simple grammatical mistakes detract from your awesome credentials. 
  • Make your resume professional and easy to read.  Some creativity can set you apart, but keep it professional.  A professional, readable font like Times New Roman works best.  An interview gives you an opportunity for your creativity to shine.  Using bullets can also make your resume easier to read.  If you are the best candidate for the job and have a lot to offer, get your foot in the door by proving it with a professional resume.      
  • Condense your resume.  Although you may have many impressive skills, try for a one or two page resume.  To condense your resume, highlight the most important skills and achievements.  Only go ten years back unless you had some major accomplishment or other impressive skills not already listed.  Do not be redundant.  Do not include references on your resume, those can be obtained later.  Another simple trick:  manage your margins!  Smaller margins leave more room for type on the paper.  Once you achieve that interview, you can expand on your skills and accomplishments and further impress the interviewer.  
  • Use strong and powerful verbs on your resume.  When describing previous positions and responsibilities, impress recruiters and hiring managers with powerful and descriptive verbs.  Would you hire someone using words like "did" or "made" or someone using words like "constructed", "created", or "generated"?  Using descriptive action verbs may set you over the top for a position.  

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